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  In 2002, our "pressurized plugging service" was established in Shanghai, which started the vigorous development of pressurized plugging service in the thermal power plant industry. Therefore, we witnessed the application and development of pressurized plugging service in thermal power plants: from the initial unfamiliar and distrust, forced to try in case of emergency medical treatment, and then surprised at the effect of plugging with pressure, a 168 hour trial operation of new units was carried out The concept of operation guarantee and its wide application, up to today, most thermal power plants regard leak stoppage under pressure as an indispensable means of daily production and maintenance. It is no longer for the purpose of creating first-class or superior inspection, but for safety production and economic benefits.


  Zili plugging under pressure has passed through nearly 15 years safely. It has experienced the rapid development of leak stoppage service under pressure in the thermal power plant industry. It is gradually applying the experience technology of high-pressure leak stoppage to the petrochemical industry, and has begun to experience the high-reliability plugging service under pressure required by the nuclear power and natural gas industries. Zili's Leak Stoppage Technology under pressure has also been accumulated and improved. In addition, Zili's constant pursuit of safety awareness, quality management and technology accumulation has made Zili safely provide more than 10000 leakage points with pressure plugging service, and the success rate has reached 96%!


  Now we have put the brand of "Shanghai Zili" in the minds of hundreds of equipment engineers in power plants, petrochemical plants, natural gas purification and transmission network, and become the preferred brand to solve the problem of plugging under pressure in their work.


  In order to meet the requirements of continuous pipeline network for isolation service, Zili began to provide professional service for ice plug isolation pipeline in 2015. Now, ice isolation service can be provided by ice compressor and ice separator in Shanghai.


  In 2016, Zili began to provide composite reinforced maintenance services for natural gas, oil, water and petrochemical pipelines. This kind of pre maintenance service is born to meet the users' pursuit of reliability. At the same time, Zili acts as a national agent to promote NRI composite reinforced maintenance products.