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To provide users with safety, professional and efficient.

Become a field service expert in assembly, maintenance and manufacturing

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  • Leak Sealing
  • Hot Tapping
  • Composite Wrapping
  • Pipe Freezing

There are 6 reasons for you to choose cost-effective equipment.

Shanghai Zili Industrial Online Service CO.,LTD

Six core
  • High quality maintenance service team

    Professional maintenance craftsmen, ingenuity, round-the-clock to provide you with customized services.
  • Professional maintenance technology

    Customized scheme, covering all kinds of media and equipment parameters, plugging experience of more than 1000 times a year
  • Widely recognized by well-known enterprises

    Become a reliable leak sealing service provider with pressure for customers, covering electric power.
  • Appliance and material service provider

    We selected as best equipmeng&tools as we can from market and import sealing material to meet on-site requirements of reliability & safety
  • Complete safety awareness

    In the face of various complex environments, we provide safe and reliable solutions.
  • Maintenance service speed

    No matter how bad the leakage is, just call us to get quick support.

Shanghai Zili Industrial Online Service CO.,LTDProvide professional on-site service to users

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