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Sales of NRI composite pipe repair system in USA


  In order to enhance the leak stoppage capability of Shanghai Zili industrial online Technology Service Co., Ltd. in low pressure system, Zili began to use and sell self-service quick plugging bags with pressure from NRI company of the United States (see the "industry news" of this website for details).


  At the same time, Shanghai Zili sells NRI's full range of composite reinforced products throughout the country. These products are used to strengthen and repair pressure pipes and pressure vessels with external mechanical damage or corrosion but not leaked (restore to the original design operating pressure, restore or extend the original design life), and also for the purpose of extending the service life of pipes or vessels for internal corrosion 。


  NRI's four composite repair systems meet or even exceed the corresponding requirements of the following standards: ASME pcc-2, ASME B31, ISO ts224817, dot, API, CSA z662.