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        Pressure system has been facing leakage harass, so leak sealing is becoming the most common and important on-line repair method

        As pressure systems having been facing the constant threat of leakage, leak-sealing is taking the position as the repair method with universal commonness and utmost vitalness

        With great skill, our experienced team can stop leakage ranging temperature from -150℃ to 610℃ and pressure from vacuum to 32Mpa of multiple chemical media with safety and rapidity.

        Our experienced and highly-skilled tech team are able to seal leakage under a wide-range of conditions with safety and efficiency, as temperature ranging from 150℃ to 610℃, pressure from vacuum to 32Mpa and chemical media being complicated.

        We save much money for clients, and ZILISERIVCE leak sealing service brings our client with trust, low-carbon and easy jobs.

        What ZILISERVICE offers our customers is cost-saving, ecologically-friendly, handy and trusted repair jobs.

Whether you are faced with any kind of leak problems, just call us at 400 880 9110, you will get the best leak sealing service in China.

        If you are encountering any leaking problems or searching for information related to leak sealing and on-site machining, please call us at 400 880 9110, here the best leaking sealing service available in China awaits.